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earth sci 9First Basic Course on Citizen Science was conducted successfully during 16th January – 13th March 2016. The Course was jointly organised by Center for Citizen Science (CCS), Vijnana Bharati (ViBha) and Fergusson College, Pune. 50 participants (college students and citizens) from different fields have been trained to study and observe various phenomena in Astronomy, Life Science and Earth Science through this course. Renowned experts like Dr.Yogesh Shouche (Senior Microbiologist), Dr. J. R. Kulkarni (Senior Meteorologist), Dr. Shrikant Karlekar (Senior professor of Geography), Mr. Samir Dhurde (Scientific Officer, IUCAA), Dr. Mandar Datar (Botanist, ARI), Dr. Shrikant Pawar (Scientist, NCCS) guided the course for their concern fields.

pashan30Along with lecture series field visit to Pashan Lake, Institute visits to IMD- Pashan, IUCAA, NCRA, GMRT, NCCS, MCC were also arranged to show ongoing research in different fields of science. Overnight Sky gazing program gave the experience to observe various objects through Telescopes in the dark sky.

National Science Day was celebrated by participants on 28/29 February 2016 during the course. Participants helped different scientific institutions as a volunteer to spread the science in common citizens. They also conducted the first ever survey of Science Awareness in Common people, which was a great success with interesting statistical analysis.

GMRT 1All participants from first Basic Course on Citizen Science have been registered to the Citizen Science Network (CSN) of CCS and continuing their participation with a year long research project in their field of interest.